Unique uses of motion capture technology

From healthcare to sports, here’s how motion capture technology is changing our lives!

In May 2022, Swedish band ABBA reunited to perform a concert that looks exactly the same as it once did Back in the seventies When they first rose to fame. The concert featured digital versions (called ABBA-tars) of the group created Using motion capture technology. Fans were thrilled to see ABBA, say They felt like they had gone back in time and that the technology was great.

If you’re not familiar with motion capture technology, here’s a go digital tracking Recording the movement of things and people. Motion capture is on the rise, and the sector is expected to grow to 377 million US dollars By 2028. But that growth won’t just come from the entertainment industry. The capabilities of motion capture technology extend far beyond making your favorite artists look permanent. Curious to know more? Let’s take a look at the different industries that use motion capture.

Health Care

Motion capture has been used in the medical industry for a while now. In fact, it was originally designed to be used in clinical treatment.

Medical practitioners use motion capture to Check Movement of people with conditions that impair movement, such as cerebral palsy. The patient’s movement is recorded and then recreated so that the doctor can closely study walking and gait patterns and suggest how to treat the condition accordingly.

Today, companies have stepped up to work on preventive care solutions using motion capture technology. For example, the US-based environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software company Velocity owns EHS Create Sensorless motion capture evaluation solutions to check workspace comfort. Then, the user is also guided on how to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) based on data collected from millions of MSD (which is The biggest one workplace injury category) hazard data points.

Military rehabilitation

Military researchers use motion capture in conjunction with virtual reality (VR) evaluation and treatment Military casualties. One of the places where motion capture is actively used in rehabilitation is Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Center in the UK. Here researchers study human movements to a specific degree so that they can Help patients learn How their injuries affect their movements. With this information, patients can continue their recovery process even after they leave the center.

Similarly, the Defense Medical Rehabilitation Center Loughborough in England (DMRC) was set up uses Motion capture 3D cameras with a Computer Aided Rehabilitation Environment (CAREEN) device to simulate patients’ movements across different terrains. Motion capture cameras allow the medical team to analyze which muscles are being used so that the patient can get a better view of the muscles complete visual when they put more weight on one foot than the other and so on.


Sports is another industry in which motion capture technology is very useful. Uses of sports science research Inertial motion capture technology Which combines – accelerometer (measures movement speed), gyroscope (measures change in angle of rotation) and magnetometer (measures magnetic field).

Having these performance metrics in place can help athletes see how they can go about becoming the best in their sport. From a trainer’s point of view, motion capture helps in coming up with better strategies on it How to place players in the field based on their strengths and weaknesses to achieve the best results.

One such company is Australian startup VR Motion Learning. The company owns created A VR tennis app called Tennis Esports that will be able to track and award players’ movements reactions on how to improve their performance.

Another company that improves sports performance is UK-based soccer technology company Playermaker. The company owns Upgraded sensors They are attached to shoes to give coaches insights into how to improve athletes’ skills, what their injury risks look like and how to speed up recovery speed in the event of an injury.

As motion capture technology advances and becomes cheaper and more accessible, it will become more useful in understanding human movement. This can give us higher quality experiences in movies, TV shows, and video games. We’re already seeing the emergence of devices, like Stretch Sense motion capture gloves measurement Accurate hand motion for character animation in games. But as our understanding of human movement improves, we will be better able to use our physical capabilities to their fullest potential.

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