Unused Doctor Strange 2 impresses Marvel fan base: ‘We got ripped off’

MCU Fans went into a frenzy over the concept art that didn’t make it to the final stage Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Almost no Marvel Studios movie has dealt with so many behind-the-scenes issues Doctor Strange 2starting with the change in directors from Scott Derrickson to Sam Raimi in early 2020. Since the final cut of the movie hitting theaters in May 2022, fans have found out more about how the Multiversal sequel has changed from the ground up. Story details, character arcs, and visual cues have all been reworked.

Derrickson’s movie was supposed to be darker and scarier than what happened with Raimi, which led to Derrickson The project amicably left over what really amounted to creative differences between him and Marvel.

with the The multiverse saga Now expanding its boundaries with new projects, fans are also getting a deeper look at the development entries that have already arrived Stage 4including new concept art that teases what could have been Doctor Strange 2.

Concept art shows scrapped Doctor Strange 2 scene

Concept artist Thomas de Crest shared a handful of unused pieces of art from Marvel Studios Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which showed new scenes for the scene used in the sequel to Multiversal.

Two of the images provided a look at a universe based around it fractalsand provoke some destabilization that appeared when Doctor Strange and America Chavez jump across different universes.

the other three Pictures They were ideas for what would later become the world of Incursion, which is shown at the end of the film Prime Minister Strange also fought a strange villain.

Doctor Strange 2

Since those photos were released, fans have shared their emotional thoughts about the photos, largely noting that they look even better than what appeared in the final movie.

several Instagram Users reacted negatively to the images using words like “tragic” To describe what happened to the movie and say so “True Multiverse Doctor Strange” He came into a completely different world:

moti_sason3388: “What they’ve done with this movie is tragic”

g._inaki: “We were robbed”

gothamvsl: “In Another World we got a true multiverse movie Doctor Strange”

Another user asked why “Weakest Concepts” It is always chosen for these films:

andrusdoesstuff.jpg: “Why do they always seem to pick the most vulnerable concepts for some of these projects”

Another fan explained that the film seemed strange to them because of the backgrounds not blending well with the practical material while also noting the drastic changes in color with each scene:

tikitongaa: “The reason I feel so comfortable with this movie is because the backgrounds don’t quite marry with the action shots, you kind of watch it and you keep subconsciously telling yourself ‘they’re not really there’ maybe it was the hue too, from the vibrant jumps from the universes multiplayer to the dull gray ending, I felt a little lost, the story and writing shouldn’t have agonized like it happened in the midst of it all”

Doctor Strange 2

One reddit The user wished that this type of concept art had not been released to the public since then “Most of the time it’s always better,” while another called her “exhausting” To see these photos and admit to being disappointed:

Doctor_Doom_1962: “Sometimes I wish we’d never see concept art because most of the time it’s always better.”

Demigorus: “Again, the concept art from Derekson’s script is better than the final product. This is stressful. I don’t want to see any more concept art, and I don’t need any more disappointment.”

Doctor Strange 2

In response to the previous comment, another fan shared a lengthy comment, stating that setting the aspirations of the concept art is “Type of the job” For visual artists. This user gave Marvel the benefit of the doubt, stating that ‘Middle grounds must be made’ When choosing the visual effects to move forward with:

sade1212: “Yeah, I can’t help but think ‘first time?'” It’s when people discover that conceptual art usually looks cooler than the final product. Shockingly, sketching out one great idea is much more rewarding than realizing that design in a feature film, for many reasons. Almost any project ever created can track amazing concept art that makes you You think “why didn’t they use that!?” But the unfortunate truth is that compromises have to be made and not much can be done.”

Doctor Strange 2

du Crest also pointed out suppliers And Dr. Strange are placeholders in some of the images, in response to a fan who asked if this Mordo is the Earth-616 or Master Mordo version of the Illuminati:

Fan: “I’m still interested in how Mordo does concept art with Strange, and she’s not the Illuminati version, she’s actually from the main MCU universe.”

du Crest: “The characters at that point are more like placeholders, and I wouldn’t read too much into them”

Doctor Strange 2

What could be in Doctor Strange 2

Marvel fans I wasn’t afraid to share their thoughts on doing VFX On the latest movies and TV shows in the MCU, which continues with this new look on Doctor Strange 2. And with this sequel being the story truly set to open the multiverse for the first time while also being billed as Marvel’s first horror film, expectations were high for just how terrifying and expansive this landscape would be.

Although many are worried that the next Marvel production will run through the rest of the Multiverse Saga He will continue to put pressure on visual effects artistsThere is hope that the MCU can return to the VFX franchise that was seen in Infinity Saga. Plus, with the story being developed more thoroughly due to delays announced for multiple projects, hopefully the MCU team will have more time and resources to bring something more fans will celebrate.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Streaming now on Disney+.

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