Warriors face urgent choices in Jordan Paul and Andrew Wiggins’ deals

This is off season, as players take turns bringing the Larry O’Brien Trophy to their hometown for parades and parties, Golden State WarriorsThe front office should look at a less pleasant reality: the threat to the financial account.

Except for massive extensions in the coming months, beware Jordan Paul forward Andrew Wiggins They will become free agents next summer. To return these two to the expected market values ​​during checkout Stephen CurryAnd the Draymond GreenAnd the Klay Thompson And the rest of the players already on their books, the Warriors could face a total of 2023-24 payrolls — luxury salaries and taxes — north of $500 million.

Majority owner Joe Lacob sees this as impossible. The Warriors handed out the NBA record total salary of about $362 million last season, and they are reluctant to cross the $400 million threshold. Although Green and Thompson are eligible for an extension this summer, Golden State brass know that the most important dilemma stems from one option: Keep Poole, or keep the Wiggins?

Before making such an important decision, the Warriors would be wise to see how both players progress over the next 12 months. But for now, given all the information available, Paul seems to have a higher chance of being the oddball guy. The reason is simple: it’s harder to find two-way wingsuits like Wiggins than shooting rangers like Paul.

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