Was the Mona Lisa glass of the onion real?

The ending of Glass Onion didn’t sit well with some art fans, so it begs the question: Is the Mona Lisa in the Knives Out sequel fake?

latest Netflix mystery, Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery It has many luxury elements. The main characters are often seen alongside legendary pieces of art, including the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. However, a scene near the end glass onion It raises a question about the legality of some of these paintings.

glass onion Follow Detective Daniel Craig Benoit Blanc On his second investigative adventure. After solving the murder of the Thrombey family patriarch, Harlan Thrombey, Blanc is back on a journey that takes him to a luxury island resort. Billionaire Miles Bron and his best friends gather on his private Greek island to escape the COVID-19 pandemic and live like the rich. Unfortunately for them, they are all suspects in a murder, and Benoit Blanc is going to tear it all apart.

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The destruction of the Mona Lisa reveals something more in The Onion Glass

Burning-Mona Lisa-glass-onion

At the end of glass onionHelen destroys Miles’ beloved painting, the Mona Lisa. When I set the art on fire, some viewers were quick to notice a few key details that completely change parts of the film’s narrative. While this detail and its subsequent theories have yet to be confirmed, There has been some discussion on the Internet about this subject. Regardless of the evidence presented, it is fair to ask whether or not one of the most famous paintings in art history was in the possession of billionaire Miles Bronn.

For those who are unaware of what the Mona Lisa is, it is a half-body oil painting painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 16th century. The painting depicts a brunette who is believed to be named Lisa Gherardini and is known for the woman’s facial expressions. The Mona Lisa is one of the most studied and admired pieces of art in history. However, it is not surprising glass onion Viewers who are also art lovers I found some clues About the painting and the scenes in which it appears.

The main argument in this debate is that burning the Mona Lisa unveils a taut cloth often made of cotton or hemp. If so, then Miles Bron owns a fake copy of the painting. This is because da Vinci didn’t use a canvas for the Mona Lisa – he used a poplar wood panel. Obviously, the two cloth materials burn differently, so people would quarrel over the burning process. Some say that painting burns like wood, others argue that it burns on canvas. If the latter is true, and Miles owns a fake plate, it adds up to something interesting glass onionnarration.

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Miles Bron owning the fake Mona Lisa is fitting

Benoit Blanc and Miles Bron from Glass Onion

If the Mona Lisa was, in fact, made of V.V glass onion and fake, talking to Miles Bron as a character. through the movie, Billionaire Miles Bron is kind of a snob It exudes a lot of appreciation for the arts. This would be a great reason to have one of the most famous paintings of all time and other luxurious paintings by artists like Rothko, Matisse, Degas and obviously Da Vinci. But, if Miles doesn’t notice the incorrect canvas material behind his Mona Lisa, he’s oblivious. Any art enthusiast of this intensity—especially one who spends millions on expensive paintings—should notice the difference and respect the piece.

Another great example of his superficial love of art is the giant blue and red painting above the seating area. This painting is Rothko’s 207th, and is displayed upside down in the house. And the massive takeaway from this is that Miles Bron is either extremely inattentive or just plain fake. These aspects were intentionally added in glass onion by director Rian Johnson to help make Miles Bron somewhat more difficult for audiences and artists alike.

Fortunately for artists everywhere, the Mona Lisa wasn’t actually set on fire for the shoot Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery. The 16th-century painting is safe and sound at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Miles Bron and his real-life counterpart, Edward Norton, likely never get the chance to own the highly sought-after paintings housed in glass onion. But it’s always fun to pick out the little details in movies, especially when there’s a mystery to be solved.

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