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If “reading more books” is on your list of goals for the year, try this amazing book challenge! The Challenge encourages adult and teen readers to broaden their horizons by discovering new topics, series, or authors–something they may not have read themselves.

As a participant in the program, readers will select one book from each of the 12 categories selected for 2023. After they have checked off a category, they can visit the library to receive a button or magnet featuring that topic.

Those who register online and complete the challenge by December 31st will receive a cooler bag from the Naperville Public Library and entry into the year-end drawing.

For a list of book recommendations for each of the topics listed below, visit www.naperville-lib.org/ABC.

Naperville Public Library patrons who complete the Amazing Book Challenge by December 31 will receive a library cooler bag and be entered into the year-end drawing.

A story about siblings

Books about squabbling sisters, brothers who are best friends-turned-enemies, and deep-rooted family secrets. Some of our favorite tales are stories about siblings because they are… so bonded together. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose one of these great reads.

A book by an LGBTQ author

Read the rainbow. Whether you’re picking up the memoirs of a celebrity you love or opening the first novel by an author you’ve never heard of, we invite you to join us in celebrating the unique perspectives of LGBTQ authors.

A film heater is a more expensive cable

No passport, no problem! Books give us the opportunity to travel to places we’ve never been from the comfort of home. So sit back, relax, and unlock one of these titles that will take you from Naperville to Nantucket, New Delhi, Naples, and beyond.

The main character is a senior citizen

We are giving you the opportunity to “listen to your elders” with the books in this category. Grab your fleece jacket and choose a title starring a Golden Oldie, which may or may not fit the profile of a stereotypical senior citizen.

One word book

Simple addresses. Attractive stories. Need we say more?

page to screen

The books have inspired some of Hollywood’s biggest movies over the decades: “Gone with the Wind,” “The Godfather,” “Forrest Gump,” “Where the Crawdaddys Sing”…we could go on forever! But the age-old question remains: Is a book always better? Choose a title from this category to find out.

Regency IRA reads

Dear Readers, It looks like we have a somewhat special topic on our hands. Regency-era readings feature tough storytellers, suave villains, and even some romances that take place in early 19th-century Britain. We encourage you to make a cup of tea and enjoy one of these royal readings.

A story set in a small town

Experience small town life, where even if you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else does. Start your roadside adventure today as you explore cities where everyone knows everyone else’s business.

Books less than 300 pages

Are you short on time? Take a look at one of these short stories that contain a great deal of success. With less than 300 pages, you’ll quickly cross another book off your list!

Scary thing

Something sinister comes this way… It’s a creepy, creepy story lurking around the corner! If you’re looking for a thrilling read, we invite you to check out one of these spooky fiction and non-fiction options, If You Dare…

A story featuring artificial intelligence

These books do not swallow! Books about artificial intelligence tell the story of machines that mimic human intelligence and sometimes even outperform it. And we promise the person chose this category for sure …

A story featuring a teenage protagonist

Teen Heroes may seem quite whatever, but these books give us a window into the problems teens face, often in eye-opening ways. Choose a true story from a teen author like Malala or Anne Frank, or choose a fiction book that highlights the teenage experience.

Ashley Connor is the Marketing Specialist at Naperville Public Library.

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