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A quick analysis of NFL snack bars shows they seem to be popular in Germany…that just can’t stand!

Someone in Germany needs to tell me what’s going on with the country’s fascination with NFL-inspired snack bars. On Monday I mentioned how I bought Infladium, a $20 snack ballpark that I bought at Party City.

Then, Nebraska’s Adam W. sent me a photo of his snack court from Super Bowl 50 and got me thinking about other snack courts that might inspire the Screencaps community to create a stadium for AFC/NFC Championship Games.

One thing led to another and I’m on Instagram to learn that DIY playgrounds are all the rage in Germany.


From what I can tell, a digital creator named Stephan Stein is the brains behind what appears to be either a fantasy snack stadium league like the Friday Night Mowing League or he’s running some sort of trademark snack stadium challenge.

Needless to say, my mind is running wild here and the country that founded football must face one of these challenges. Guys, I may have figured out my next league to go along with TNML.

We cannot allow German snack court engineers to win the hearts and minds of the NFL world.

We have to go up here. You may have found my latest calls.

It’s time for Body Stein Snack Pitches! (Note… this could break me financially.)

Who wants in?

Question about surprise parties

• Adam D. wrote.

I recently went to a surprise party for my 75 year old. Want to ask Screencaps what ages are suitable for throwing surprise parties for someone? I love all the great content!


an important question.

Without giving too much thought to this question, I will say that 30, 40, and 50 are the logical answers here, with 50 being the key, yet predictable age to accomplish such a trick. 75 seems to be the age at which you can give an elderly person a heart attack.

As you guys know, I’m a big zig when people are curvy, so why not throw a surprise party for someone who’s celebrating their 46th birthday. Or their 52nd birthday.

They don’t suspect it at all. Fifty is just so damn predictable.

I want someone to throw a 38th birthday surprise.

One more thing on my mind, how many surprise parties is too much for one person? Is the fun over after a surprise party to celebrate their 30th birthday? Can you really get back on the road and throw a surprise 50th place finish?

Take Ts Monte Carlo…the real Monte Carlo

• I follow T Reports and this one from Monte Carlo is a must because Mike T. went car shopping for Screencaps gear heads. These two were seen standing in front of the real Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.

Lambo SUVs. / via Mike T. in Idaho
A beautiful Mercedes in front of the Monte Carlo. “I’ve never seen this model before,” reports Mike T. / via Mike TV Idaho

Report from the Falkland Islands and Antarctica

Recently retired Rob from Cincinnati wrote:

WhoDey from the Falkland Islands! After 30 years of absurdity, the Bengals are now in the AFC Championship two years in a row. IMO, two difference makers made this possible. Joe Burrow to come and Mike Brown to leave.

This current team has a resilience and self-confidence not seen since the Boomer Esiason era. Moreover, they are a really lovable group of kids. The future is bright for Bengal fans.

Speaking of brightness, there wasn’t much of that in Antarctica. Clouds and fog dominated the day of our visit, which I’m told is normal. Antarctica is a land of contrasts. Its views are magnificent and stunning, but at the same time it is the most desolate area I have ever seen. Icebergs are as big as a ship. Not a tree or plant anywhere in sight. Snow and ice, wind and cold, even in the middle of summer (20+ hours of daylight is a bonus though). This experience left me in awe of the resilience and courage of the early explorers: Amundsen, Shackleton, Scott and their parties. Some of them spent more than a year on the continent. Now, any OG like me can cruise here in comfort, spend an hour or three outdoors, and claim the same Antarctic heritage.

The Falkland Islands, home to around 3,000 permanent residents, are fairly unremarkable. Other than sheep, cows, and penguins, the main fauna is that Argentina and Britain fought a war over it in the 1980s. Both sides are still angry at each other, but no one I spoke to could really explain what the war was about to start.

I’ll close with a photo of the TNML crew. Today is Monday, so either the grass is growing very quickly here, or the lawn mower is just a decoration of the lawn.

Next stop, gag that Jackson Mahomes reached the Super Bowl.

Storytelling in the Falkland Islands. / via Cincinnati’s recently retired Rob
This is Antarctica! via Cincinnati’s recently retired Rob

Speaking of Bengals

• Mark W. in Tennessee wrote:

Congratulations to your Bengals. That was an amazing win. Let’s get to the next.

You’ve been handing out kudos this morning to some little-known Bengals players, but how about some love to fellow Gamecock alum Hayden Hurst. He’s going to develop into a really good player (IMHO) for the Bengals.


Mark is right, I should have mentioned wild man Hayden Hearst grabbing traffic, screwing up guys and acting crazy. Let’s face it, Hearst could end up pulling off something that very few athletes have ever accomplished — playing professional baseball, winning a Super Bowl, and ending up in WWE.

Man has intangibles. Just need a Super Bowl ring.

BTW, Hearst appears to be the TNML team.

It’s 2023, and that’s totally fine

Ran wrote:

Spotted today in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Definitely not lib lib.

Shipping costs have decreased

This is great news because I would need all kinds of made in China items (LEDs!) shipped in to compete with the German snack stadium engineer.

BTW, I think we call the OutKick release a Snadium league.

That’s it, I have to run. We’re officially in the middle of a massive three-week race to the NFL finish line, and I have to call. I have to find out what Jackson Mahomes and the nemesis in KC will do as we prepare for war.

In addition, I need to make sure I have enough salt and shovels to crush the snow we are about to bear.

Sunset (for now) and it’s time to start Tuesday. Have a great day.


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