What planets are retrograde in January 2023? What do the planets want you to know?

Happy New Year my friend! It’s officially 2023, and while you might be in a post-holiday ATM phase, now’s the perfect time to kick back and make this year your best yet. As you set your goals (and budgets) for the new year, I’m here to remind you of a little thing—or three—to keep in mind. Spoiler alert: It’s the planets.

Take a deep breath, this information can be hard to take in: In the month of January, three The planets will be in retrograde. But before you freak out and get emotional support, remember that we’ve seen worse retrograde patterns in 2022. It’s all about perspective, honey. And if I’m being honest, January isn’t looking is very Scary in terms of astrological forecasts. Well, that is, if you’re snooping about Mercury retrograde… cry!

Looking forward (or should I say, up) to your astrological forecast? Fear not, I am here. Here’s what you need to know about the three downturns of January 2023.

What planets are retrograde in January 2022?

For the better astrologically aware, here’s the good news: January doesn’t look too different from December which, in turn, doesn’t look too different from November. Some of the planets that have been retrograde in January have been for quite some time, and while there’s a new addition to the lineup, things aren’t looking too crazy regarding this transit. What a way to welcome the new year, am I right?

Uranus Retrograde (August 24 – January 22, 2023):

Uranus has been in retrograde since August 2022, but here’s the thing – it doesn’t center directly without fanfare. ICYMI, Uranus is the planet of (swallowing) chaos and turmoil, but not necessarily in a bad way: Uranus retrograde is meant to open our eyes and help us break free from the things that hold us back. This could be relationships, jobs, living situations, or any other event in your life that disrupts peace.

Retrograde in the sign of Taurus, this transit exudes that easygoing, earthy energy this Earth sign is known for. As Uranus stations direct, expect to see all of those loose ends connect, or simply separate.

March Retrograd (Oct 30 – Jan 12, 2023):

Starting with Spooky Szn, Mars retrograde certainly brought drama. Known as the planet of war and ambition, this transit has been challenging us to pursue our goals and communicate our desires without fear. This planet is stationary direct as we enter the start of a new year, so expect it to feel a little more clear as we move into another cycle around the sun.

Mercury Retrograde (December 29 – January 19, 2023):

Ah yes. Star of the show: Mercury Returns. Mercury is known for bringing back fragments of your past (including… However, remember what I said about perspective? Here’s a little retrograde tip: keep in mind that these transits are there to help you grow, And while you may experience a challenge during its duration, that doesn’t exactly mean your life is on fire.

That said, don’t be shocked if you hear back from your ex. Sorry.

While this mercury retrograde is challenging us in terms of our careers and long-term goals, there is still the possibility of old baggage and romance showing up at your door. In that case, remember to approach this situation with maturity and grace — that’s what the stars want you to do, my friend.

What are the signs most affected by Mercury retrograde 2023?

The first retrograde of 2023 occurs in the mature and hard-working sign of Capricorn, so these Earth signs might be feeling a little more of that planetary energy as we enter the new year. Likewise, since Mercury rules the signs of Virgo and Gemini, people with these placements may be in the spotlight more than others. However, it is important to note that the effects of Mercury retrograde are somewhat unavoidable everyone of tags. Grab your adult pants, buddy, and let’s get through this back together!

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