Where to play laser tag in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky

Scene75 offers laser tag, arcade, bumper cars, indoor go-karts, mini bowling, mini golf and more.

Fans of sci-fi movies like “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” might enjoy laser tag because it simulates laser tag gun battles on screen. Laser tag traces its roots to “Star Trek”. South Bend Electronics, a division of Milton Bradley, manufactured and introduced Star Trek Electronic Phasers in 1979. It was the first known toy to use infrared light and a corresponding sensor. So, it was my first laser tag game.

But you don’t have to join the Star Fleet to play laser tag. Cincinnati has many places that offer this recreational shooting sport. All prices quoted are per person and per game, unless otherwise noted.

The main event

9477 Oxford Road, West Chester Township; mainevent.com.

Main Event is an entertainment complex that offers laser tag, billiards, bowling, games, ropes, a restaurant and bar, and virtual reality. Laser tag costs $8 per 15-minute session.

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