Which NFC Internships, GM Jobs May Open in 2023?

Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars

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We looked at the former Hotspots in the Asian Football Confederationwith a preamble regarding the NFL’s efforts to persuade the owners not to make changes.

Changes, as we know, are coming. Karolina already has a coaching vacancy. Here’s a look at the different NFC hotspots we’re seeing.

The Cowboys: If Dallas is knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, and coaching is a factor in the loss, will Mike McCarthy be in trouble? Owner Jerry Jones doesn’t like firing coaches with time left on their contracts. But with his last chance at Sean Payton likely to be gone if Payton takes a job elsewhere, will Jones make a change? It all comes down to when and how the current playoff round ends.

LEADERS: Ron Rivera has managed to lead his team into contention through a storm of unprecedented dysfunction arising from ownership. If he had made the team to the playoffs, he would have been a strong candidate for Coach of the Year. As it is, the coach must be in the capital for at least another year, allowing the new ownership to decide whether to stay on the course. (All of this assumes he wants to stay; some coaches may be tempted to lay off after the last two years of turmoil.)

Panthers: David Tepper is looking for a coach. Depending on the coach he hires, GM Scott Vetterer could have a ripple effect. Time will tell.

Saints: Nothing is likely to change here, despite a disappointing season. They need a better answer in the middle. The division could open wide in 2023.

Buccaneers: There were questions about head coach Todd Boles’ future, before they clinched the division. Some are wondering if offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich — who was once on the inside track for the Jaguars’ head coaching job — will return next year. The bigger question is whether Tom Brady He’ll be looking for another team, if he doesn’t retire.

The Falcons: It’s hard to hold the current system (GM Terry Fontenot, coach Arthur Smith) responsible for a few non-consecutive years. They really did a good job of what they had and what they didn’t. the Julio Jones Trade in 2021 and Matt Ryan Trade in 2022 created significant ceiling consequences, and they still need to find long-term answers in both centres. Owner Arthur Blank would be wise to continue down the track.

The Rams: Coach Sean McVay certainly regrets not taking Amazon money when he had the chance. Now, he will reportedly take some time to decide whether to return for 2023. Why? “Efham Ikhtiara” has cemented the Rams’ future. Not enough draft picks. Talented young cheap players are not enough. Too many aging stars are getting expensive, including the hitting quarterback who will take home $57 million in overtime salary, all but guaranteed in March. There is little hope for the kind of quick turnaround that will return the Rams to the top of the NFL mountain.

The Seahawks: Pete Carroll will be the coach at least through the team’s eventual sale, whenever that happens. (Not before May 1, 2024.) Will Carroll retire? There has been no indication that he plans to shut it down.

Cardinals: As I mentioned last night, the Saints You expect to hear From the Cardinals on Sean Payton. Many are anticipating the departure of coach Cliff Kingsbury. If he is, owner Michael Bidwill will owe Kingsbury his entire wages (minus everything he gets elsewhere) through 2026. And with GM Steve Keim currently on vacation, who will help Bidwill make his next move? It all comes down to how much Bidwill is willing to pay his current coach to go – and how much he’ll offer a new coach to take over.

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