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the only Yellowstone The character who managed to survive John Dutton’s decision to houseclean the governor’s office was Clara Brewer (Lilli Kay), a green aide behind the ears who became a valuable family ally. It’s a dream role for Kay, her father Stephen Kay is a Director/EP on Drama while her stepmother Piper Perabo He plays Summer, Dutton’s current lover.

“My dad would brag to me about the way he spent every day with amazing horses and actors,” says Kaye, whose credits include Your Excellency And the Madam Secretary. “I was like, ‘Hey, I’m a horse!'” I want to hang out! ”

Here, Kay talks about the mid-season finale and how her brief kissing scene in Episode 7 had tongues wagging about how there were now “lesbians on the scale” on the popular channel. Basic Network Drama. (You can find a recap of the mid-season finale here.)

Deadline so John finds out his son is trying to impeach him!

Lily Kay It is the beginning of disaster, as John tries to deal with Jimmy who has started an impeachment process and attempts to turn the state against him. There is some drama with the herd and possible disease spreading with the livestock. It’s kind of manipulating a bunch of disasters that simultaneously explode in everyone’s face.

At this point, Clara is involved when it comes to John Dutton, right?

Kay I think so. She’s been given access to a part of his life and after seeing what she saw on the farm and what his focus is, she wants to get behind him and is very loyal going forward.

wHat Clara’s origin story?

Kay His help was and is now kind of everything John has. She is the type to argue about all the political matters he deals with. She’s somewhat inexperienced compared to the people who were on his team, so she had to advance in ways she didn’t expect. But she is able to do it well.

How does Clara get along with Beth?

Kay I was really nervous at first because I love Kelly Riley so much and it’s fun acting with her because you never know how Beth is going to respond to something. At first, there was no closeness but Beth was very relaxed around Clara, which I was really happy about. Clara is getting more and more rooted in the life of the Dutton family. Beth just got used to having her around.

How did you first cast?

Kay Well, it’s a very strange thing. I was kind of on its edges. Lucky for me, I was a fan and actually had a family that worked on the show. I have heard such amazing things from them. Then came a part that I might be a good fit for. Taylor Sheridan has seen my work. I had known him for a while and he knew I could ride so he threw me into the mix. My dad puts out a lot of Show and Show (EPs), which was a very sneaky move I made. I couldn’t do jobs with my parents. It was a dream come true. The number of days I’d love to come home from work crying about how great it was hanging out with my dad and Piper at work… I was like, “Oh my God, this is my dream.” It was very languid for me, but also fun. I grew up in Los Angeles but worked on a farm when I was in high school. I’ve been a horse kid my whole life.

Do you know how to cut?

Kay Yes, I was cutting. This was the fun thing I loved to do. But I had a great horse so I looked cooler than I was. This is the best sport. If you want a cow sport, this is it. You have a great horse and you’re like, I’m the best.

He talked about this scene from Episode 7 when you were out and about moving the cattle. This is when your character had to ride for the first time.

Kay We got really lucky. The weather was beautiful and we were using a field behind the farm. So we would come in with these cows and try to push them up, but then every time we would have to bring them back down as soon as they called Cuts. It will basically double your shooting time. But it was so much fun because everyone really knows what they’re doing. As representatives, we rarely have skills that are useful to other departments. It’s nice to be able to help the handlers and move these cows. Everyone gets their hands dirty.

Are cows friendly? Can you come up and pet them?

Kay that thing. I love them weirdly and think they are so cute. Some of them were really quiet, but they’re not very social because they’re in these big open spaces, which is how cows have to live all day. But this made me sad because I wanted to snuggle with them. We had little calves for the trademark sights. There was one I wanted to take home.

Maybe we should talk about that kiss on the show in Episode 7 that happened right before Summer and before Jon. Who were you dealing with, anyway?

Kay I’ll tell you something about that. We were in our covid protocol. It was written that Clara had an affair with someone in the background behind John and Summer. And we were trying to figure out who was easy and comfortable [to cast] who was also on the test cycle. My partner, Julie Cosimba, was with me out there in Montana and they said, “Oh, let’s get you guys posing in the background.” My non-binary partner was, per se, like, “Well, it’s gender fluid making in the background.” We thought, nobody’s going to do much about it. And then a lot of people did a pretty big job about it.

Is that true?

Kay It was so funny because I didn’t expect anyone to even really catch on to it. And then people were like, lesbians on the range! It was very, very funny but it was a fun little evening. We listened to some really good music and just hung out and chilled out in the background. Lesbians on the farm!

Who made the final call that it would be Julie on the scene with you?

Kay I’m not sure. My father was the director. It was really cool and wonderful. It was also the most awkward day for him on the job, directing his wife to kiss Kevin Costner And his daughter is engaged to her partner.

So from now on, will you be performing any shenanigans for the Dutton clan?

Kay I’m curious to know because that first part is over and I haven’t seen any scripts beyond this point, so I’m just working on what I know. In a strange way, the whole situation with Jimmy puts Clara in a position where she needs to point out where her loyalties lie. This is going to get really messy. She is now and has a real connection to this family and to this life. You want to jump in and defend them. I’m curious as to what lengths you have to go.

Yellowstone Will be back in the summer.

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