Zachary Levi appears to be tweeting anti-vaccine sentiments

Zachary Levi appears to be tweeting anti-vaccine sentiments

Zachary Levi
picture: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

Oh, David ZaslavWe’re really in it now. The threads that hold the current DC Cinematic Universe together—Dwayne Johnson‘s Black Adam (Features the last appearance of Henry Cavill Superman), Ezra Miller‘s Sparkleand Zachary Levi Shazam! Wrath of the GodsThey wear very thin clothes. Levi is the latest DC star to be met with controversy, and he did so within days of the release of the new trailer for his soon-to-drop movie.

Here’s why Levy’s personal spiral went downhill: On Sunday, the actor responded to a tweet that read, “Do you agree or not, that Pfizer is a real danger to the world?” with his answer,Hardcore agree. Followers understood this, quite reasonably, as an anti-vaccination stance given the pharmaceutical company’s coronavirus vaccine (not to mention the recent appearance of videos of the synthetic vaccine’s symptoms and aftermath). “Thank you, Pfizer” memes).

Levy later followed up with his questionable anti-Pfizer endorsement via Twitter “Just one example of what I’m referring to” with a link to a Department of Justice press release about Pfizere’s multi-billion dollar settlement of marketing fraud in 2009. In fairness to Chuck Najm, this is a drum he’s been beating for a while. Earlier this month, it is Share a video From himself on a podcast to Instagram where he criticizes lax or non-existent US standards for pharmaceutical advertising across the board. He has not made anti-vaccine statements, but has not, as of this writing, confirmed his support for vaccines.

Unfortunately, Pfizer’s tweet was the spark that ignited this particular controversy. As the tweet gained more traction, other Twitter users pointed out a clip of Levi’s On the Joe Rogan podcast Controversial culture commentator Jordan Peterson was praised shortly after he was suspended on Twitter for his anti-transgender comments regarding Elliott Page. (In the clip, Rogan didn’t correct a dead and Levi name page.) “You didn’t pay attention to Zachary Levi. He’s a hardcore Trump Christian who supports Jordan Peterson and calls him a ‘deep thinker,’” read a viral tweet alongside the resurfaced clip. “A transgender person who appeared on the 700 Club, a Christian-Republican network Trump has with minorities they hate And gays for existence.”

This, too, requires some fact-checking. A “hardcore Christian Trump” would exaggerate Levy’s general political views. in 2020, he tweeted that he was not a “Trump fan or supporter” and “not a conservative,” however Shared sympathetic feelings On Instagram for those who She was Donald Trump supporters. He already identifies as a Christian, and He gave an interview in 2022 to CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), the network founded by homophobic host Pat Robertson 700 Club. Controversial conservative figures Levy follows on Twitter include Peterson, Barry Weiss, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Boring and Stephen Crowder..

Other criticisms Settled vs. Levi In the wake of Pfizer’s tweet involving the fact that he changed his name to “Historically Traditional Jew” and then complained about being turned down roles for being “too Jewish”. “Levi” is actually the actor’s middle name, though back to that name sound The Jew is baseless. He said in an interview that his agent had been sending comments (“not necessarily insulting”) about his last name, Pugh, so he “thought and prayed hard” before deciding to go medium. He already noticed that it was Turn down roles For being very Jewish, despite not being Jewish. It was also smashed over coals for a previous tweet Regarding men leading conversations about racism and sexism. He wrote, “Truth is not concerned with privilege, nor are those who seek it.”

That’s a lot to take in about the guy from Shazam!And this isn’t the end of it. Sadly, after Pfizer’s tweets, Levy revealed that, too his father died “A few days ago” after a long battle with cancer. This no doubt complicates his decision to go into the rhetoric, but the damage to his reputation has already been done. The situation has overshadowed the upcoming release of Wrath of the Godsis due in theaters in March, at a time when DC really can’t afford it Another controversy. How Levi’s studio Will respond to the situation remains to be seen.

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